The NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) election will be held on Saturday, 30 November 2019. Elections are held every four years to elect nine Regional Councillors to our governing Council.

Polling Places
Central Region
Mid North Coast Region

Northern Region

Following the close of nominations at 12 noon, Tuesday, 5 November 2019 only one nomination was received for the position of Councillor for the Northern Region. In accordance with clause 46 of the Aboriginal Land Rights Regulation 2014, Charles LYNCH is declared elected.

North Coast Region
North Western Region
South Coast Region
Western Region
Wiradjuri Region



Key Dates
Close of Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) membership rolls 9 September 2019  *To vote and stand for election you will need to be a member of your LALC by this date. 9 September 2019
Candidate nominations open 8 October 2019
Candidate nominations close 5 November 2019
Election day 30 November 2019


What is the election for?

Nine Councillors will be elected to the Council of NSWALC for a four-year term, one for each of the Aboriginal Land Council Regions across NSW. A map of NSWALC regions can be found here..

Councillors are elected on a full time basis to:

  • Represent the interests of the Aboriginal community in NSW;
  • Make strategic decisions;
  • Allocate resources for the benefit of Aboriginal people;
  • Review the performance of NSWALC;
  • Create and review policies; and
  • Facilitate communication between LALC members and NSWALC.


Make your mark

To vote in the election, Aboriginal people need to be a voting LALC member before LALC membership rolls close on 9 September 2019. Information about how to join a LALC is on the NSWALC website here.


More information

The NSWALC election will be run by the NSW Electoral Commission who can be contacted on: