Early Stage Investment Loans

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council has reached a new milestone in its economic development strategy with the release of Early Stage Investment Loans.

Applications for 'gap funding' in the form of Early Stage Investment loans is now available through the NSWALC Economic Development Unit.

A key barrier for Local Aboriginal Land Councils starting or growing a business is a lack of start-up capital. By funding early-stage business operations NSWALC is helping LALCs to attract and leverage additional capital through co-investment from other sources, such as banks.

NSWALC's Early Stage Investment loan contribution is capped at $500,000 for each business idea. The Early Stage Investment loan will contribute up to a maximum of 50% of the overall value of the loan, with the LALC contribution being no less than 5-10%.

NSWALC's ESI loans offer:
  • Low interest rates,
  • Agreements that are structured so that repayments are not due until certain agreed trigger points are reached, and with terms and conditions tailored appropriately to each loan, such as agreed schedules of milestone payments, and
  • Repayment schedules that are fixed and agreed upfront, with flexibility to adjust if needed, according to the circumstances of the LALC.

Loans are only available to Local Aboriginal Land Councils and their business related entities - individuals are not eligible to apply.

Applicants must be 'investment ready' - meaning the LALC has completed its own business planning/feasibility work, and has identified other investment sources from other sources if needed.

All applications will be assessed by an Independent Assessment Panel based on their commercial merits and risks, having regard for social outcomes.

For more information on the Early Stage Investment Loans please contact NSWALC's Economic Development Unit on 02 9689 4444 and by emailing ecodev@alc.org.au


NSWALCs Economic Development Policy

Economic Development Policy        

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council Economic Development Policy outlines the broad strategies and initiatives that NSWALC is pursuing to drive economic development towards wealth creation and wellbeing for Aboriginal people in NSW. NSWALC has committed up to $16 million over a five year period to support these initiatives.

Click here to view NSWALCs Economic Development Policy