Community Fund Grants 

The 2009 amendments to the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 introduced the Community Development Levy to "evenly spread the wealth from land councils with more valuable land holdings to those councils with less valuable land and development opportunities".

This mechanism levies certain LALC land dealings and, with matching contributions from NSWALC, generates funds in the NSWALC Community Fund (NCF). Monies from the NCF are to be made available "on the basis of need so as to increase resources and assets available for less advantaged Local Aboriginal Land Councils".

Following a consultation process with the Land Rights Network, the Council developed the [NCF Policy], which sets out what grants from Fund can be used for, how LALC eligibility is determined, and on what basis grant applications will be assessed.

In 2019 NSWALC undertook an in-depth review of the Policy and further consulted with the Land Rights Network on proposed amendments to broaden the scope of eligible activities which were approved by the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs in March 2020. Council further approved a suite of amendments to the NCF Procedures to improve the administration of the program, increase the funding available for projects and tailor the program administration to meet the needs of LALC projects.

Eligible LALCs can apply for a grant of up to $150,000 (ex GST) for the following purposes;

  • Land acquisition, where all other avenues for funding have been exhausted; and
  • Land management, in relation to land in which the LALC has a legal interest.
  • Projects which demonstrate clear community outcomes which are consistent with the ‘Functions of Local Aboriginal Land Councils’ under the ALRA.

Only less advantaged LALCs are eligible for to seek a grant from the Fund. For purposes of the NCF Policy, 'less advantaged' defined as having net land assets (not including jointly managed National Parks or former missions and reserves) worth less than the Local Aboriginal Land Council network average. NSWALC consulted with the LALCs on their proposed Eligibility in May 2020, prior to the opening of the NCF Grants Round. LALC Eligibility has now been finalised.

How to apply

Applications for a grant from the Fund is in two stages as follows;

Stage 1 – Expression of Interest (EOI)

Eligible LALCs will now complete an EOI, available for download here and can be submitted to

Before commencing your application, please ensure you have read the following documents;

Stage 2 - Project Proposal Development

Following the submission of an EOI, Program Implementation Unit staff will be in contact to provide support in the development of your Project Proposal.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact the NSWALC Program Implementation Unit on (02) 9689 4444 or email

Approved Grants