The NSWALC Council is looking for your comments and ideas on the draft NSWALC Strategy on Aboriginal Housing.

NSWALC's Strategic Plan 2018-2022 includes a commitment for NSWALC to establish an Aboriginal housing capability as an action to implement Goal 3: Pursue economic independence and prosperity for our people.

Since early in 2018, NSWALC staff have been talking with the Land Council Network at regional forums and other gatherings about the role NSWALC should play in improving responses to housing needs. The Statewide Conference in November 2018 was also an important forum for conversation across the Network about these issues.

The draft NSWALC Strategy on Aboriginal Housing draws on those conversations to outline how NSWALC's strategic objectives for housing apply across a range of areas, including home ownership, LALC housing and discrete communities, and the role of the Aboriginal Housing Office in supporting a strong and growing Aboriginal housing sector.

The draft Strategy has a particular focus on NSWALC's newly incorporated social and affordable housing company - NSWALC Housing Ltd - and its growth targets, starting with 100 - 300 properties by 2020 but growing quickly to 1,000 - 3,000 properties by 2023.

The Council has approved this document as a draft for consultation with the Land Council Network. It's important to stress that it is only a draft. Council won't sign off on the Strategy until the Network has had a chance to provide comments and ideas.

The Council encourages you to give us your thoughts in an email to

The closing date for comments is Friday 13 September 2019.

LALCs can also provide their input at special sessions on the draft Strategy which are being held across the regions, mostly as part of regional forums. Please contact your LALC or your NSWALC Zone office if you'd like to contribute your thoughts through those gatherings.