NSWALC and Olympus Solutions Partnership

About the partnership

NSWALC has entered a partnership with Olympus Solutions, a leading provider of employment services with a successful track record of bringing people and jobs together. Olympus Solutions is the employment division of Ability Options, an organisation with a commitment and focus to achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The purpose of the partnership is to increase employment opportunities for Aboriginal people.


Why work together?

Aboriginal people continue to face higher unemployment rates, lower average wages, serious shortages of social and affordable housing, and limited pathways to home ownership. Efforts by all levels of Government to address these issues have not achieved the necessary improvements.

NSWALC and Olympus Solutions recognise that without doing something different, Aboriginal people won't get the right support to get a job.

What are we doing about it?

NSWALC will work in partnership with Olympus Solutions to promote and embed cultural change that sees Aboriginal people shaping how services are delivered so that they feel comfortable, welcomed and in control. 

Aboriginal people will be able to share their stories and employment ambitions knowing that they will be listened to and supported.

Through the partnership we can be creative in finding different ways of relating, sharing and supporting which will benefit our mob, their families, their connections and the broader Aboriginal communities where we live.

What does the partnership mean for Aboriginal people?

NSWALC and Olympus have partnered to secure sustainable employment for Aboriginal people.

Olympus Solutions and NSWALC will look to expand the suite of services they deliver together as further opportunities arise in the future. 

This is good news for Aboriginal people in NSW because, together, NSWALC and Olympus Solutions will work hard to remove the barriers to opportunities that prevent Aboriginal people getting the job they want.  Initially, the partnership will cover the Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Illawarra and Southern Highlands regions but as we learn, we will expand to other areas right across NSW making sure Aboriginal people in NSW are supported to get a job and equality in career advancement opportunities.

The partnership approach allows us to learn from each other to more effectively deliver the services and support needed for Aboriginal people to find and keep sustainable employment.

NSWALC will use its connections with Aboriginal people across NSW to create clearer pathways to access these employment services.

Vocational, Training & Employment Centres (VTEC) Service Delivery 

NSWALC is preparing to become a VTEC Provider. The VTEC service is being transferred from Olympus Solutions to NSWALC.

Under the Vocational Training and Employment Centres (VTEC) initiative, Aboriginal job seekers are assisted to find suitable employment by matching the individual's skills and abilities with guaranteed jobs. Employment opportunities are managed through a solid network of Employment Service Providers, Australian Employment Covenant Employers, Registered Training Organisations and the local Aboriginal Community. VTEC service reach is shown on the attached map. 

Vtec Map #2


How will Aboriginal People access services?

Aboriginal people can access the VTEC service via Olympus Solutions until the service has fully transferred to NSWALC.

Olympus Solutions will continue to provide other employment services such as jobactive, Disability Employment Service and ParentsNext. NSWALC and Olympus Solutions will work together to build and promote culturally sensitive service delivery across all their services to support the goals and aspirations of Aboriginal people. 

If you think you, your family, friends or community would benefit from our support to get the job they are looking for, please contact Olympus Solutions on 1300 422 454 or drop into one of our service centres.

For more information or Service Centre locations refer to our website - Olympus Solutions