NSWALC Employment & Enterprises

The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) has approved a new strategy under which it will adopt a strong focus and assume a lead role in the areas of employment services, training and brokerage; Aboriginal housing; and land development and construction.

The aim of the strategy - NSWALC Employment and Enterprises - is to dramatically improve economic and social outcomes for Aboriginal people in New South Wales.

The Council sees jobs and housing as essential to Aboriginal peoples' full participation in the economy of New South Wales, and to realising the gains Aboriginal people have made from the Land Rights movement.

Over the past decade some LALCs have achieved remarkable success in housing, real estate development and construction. However, progress has been uneven, with many LALCs not having sufficient resources on their own to unlock the full value and potential of their key assets - their land and their people.

NSWALC Employment and Enterprises will work with LALCs so that their members can share the benefits. By pooling resources, NSWALC and LALCs working together can create the scale to better attract commercial finance and government funding.

An early focus for NSWALC Employment and Enterprises is to develop partnerships with employment services and training providers to help improve pathways to employment for Aboriginal people. As a first step, NSWALC has entered a partnership with Olympus Solutions.

NSWALC has established a dedicated Taskforce in its Parramatta office to lead the development and drive the implementation of NSWALC Employment and Enterprises.                                                                                                          

The Taskforce undertook an initial round of discussions across all regions in February and March to talk about and seek feedback on the key components and timing of the work that is be undertaken.

  • how LALCs want to best use their land,
  • the enterprise development expertise and aspirations of LALC members, and
  • training and employment needs. 

The NSWALC Employment and Enterprises Taskforce can be contacted at: nswalcenterprises@alc.org.au