20 January 2020

Bushfire Assistance for Local Aboriginal Land Councils

NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) will deliver a comprehensive support and assistance package to Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) impacted by the devastating NSW bushfires.

An Extra-Ordinary meeting of Council on Thursday 9 January 2020 endorsed the package, which will be delivered in partnership with the elected Councillor for your region, LALC, other local Aboriginal community-controlled services and non-Aboriginal agencies involved in responding to the bushfire disaster.

Immediate support includes the establishment of Local Bushfire Support Coordinators, who will assist LALCs and community members to access mainstream and Aboriginal-specific funds and support.

NSWALC's Employee Assistance Program provider LifeWorks is extending free emotional and wellbeing support for any affected Aboriginal community member or group. The 24/7 Crisis Support Line is 1300 361 008.

If you need culturally appropriate trauma counselling, please contact your Zone Office, who will assist you.

NSWALC is also investigating avenues to assist affected LALCs with completing paperwork and making insurance claims, as well as other solutions assessments in the claims process.

In the longer term, NSWALC will assist LALCs with managing construction projects to repair or rebuild impacted properties.

And we will support LALCs with identifying and assessing Aboriginal Culture and Heritage impacted by the bushfires. Contact your Zone Office to discuss this important issue.

CEO James Christian would like to assure the Network that NSWALC is here to assist you and your communities during this trying time.

Letters are being sent to affected LALCs.

Please see the table below for easy reference.


Immediate Support for LALCs Affected by Bushfires




Local Bushfire Support Coordinator

Access mainstream and Aboriginal funds and support.

Immediate financial assistance to Aboriginal people in need.

Your Zone Office for more information.


Trauma Counselling

Culturally appropriate counselling.

Your Zone Office for more information.

Emotional Support

Mainstream support through Lifeworks, 24/7.

Crisis Support Line

1300 361 008

Insurance Claims

Assistance with contacting insurers, completing paperwork and making claims.

Your Zone Office for more information.



Longer Term Support for LALCs Affected by Bushfires




Building Assessment and Construction Coordination

Project management and contractor procurement, coordination and management.

Your Zone Office for more information.


Impacted Culture and Heritage

Support for LALCs to identify and assess damage to sites and areas of cultural significance. Support to remedy impacts where possible.

Your Zone Office for more information.