February 20, 2019


Over the past five years the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) has processed more than 2200 funeral grant claims and distributed over $3.4 million in funds. The current NSWALC Funeral Fund is subject to eligibility criteria. Further details can be found on the NSWALC website  HERE.

NSWALC is aware of a document that has been published on social media listing the names of people who were members of the NSWALC Contribution Funeral Fund (the old fund). If you see the Facebook posting of this sensitive information, please do not like or share.

The list of members' names was compiled, in 1994, as a reference tool when the old fund was closed to new members. The list has subsequently been  used internally by some LALCs to check and validate membership to the old fund.It appears it has now resurfaced and been published on Facebook.

NSWALC takes data privacy and security seriously and would like to assure members that it is not responsible for the public circulation of this list.

NSWALC is acutely aware that sorry business is a sensitive, solemn and delicate topic and we go to great lengths to ensure the dignity of our community is maintained during these times. Similarly, we understand the hurt that family members endure when a loved one has passed and respect that while grief may become easier to consume as times goes by, it never dilutes. With that in mind, we pass on our heartfelt thoughts to those who have been distressed yet again by the publication of this membership list.

The procedures in place for all applications are as follows:

All applications to NSWALC for financial assistance with funeral costs are automatically and carefully checked against the membership list of the old fund.If membership of the old fund is confirmed,  the member, or family is able to receive up to $5,000 to assist with certain funeral costs. Otherwise any NSW Aboriginal person who was not a member of the old fund can apply for a NSWALC funeral grant of up to $1000.

 If you have any questions, please contact NSWALC on 9689 4444.