NSWALC Small Community Grants

Under section 108 (1)(d) of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW) (ALRA), to make grants for or on behalf of Aboriginal persons in relation to a Community Benefits Scheme.

The NSWALC Small Community Grants

NSWALC will make small grants available to community members and community organisations in each NSWALC region for the following purposes:

  1. To assist Aboriginal people to participate in arts, crafts, and sporting activities;
  2. To encourage participation in and the maintenance of contemporary and traditional cultural life of the Aboriginal community;
  3. For promoting understanding of and respect for Aboriginal culture;
  4. For supporting personal development opportunities for Aboriginal people; and
  5. For supporting the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal peoples in NSW.
Grant amount

The maximum amount that an individual or community organisation can apply for and be awarded is $1,000 per financial year.

A total of $10,000 of grant funding is available for each of the nine NSWALC regions (Sydney Newcastle region, South Coast region, Wiradjuri region, Western region, North Western region, Central region, Northern region, North Coast region and Mid North Coast region).

Applications must be endorsed  by their regional Councillor, and funding disbursed from the respective region that the applicant is from, or now resides.

What NSWALC Small Community Grants will not fund
  • Grants that directly augment other funding or programs of NSWALC. For instance, but not limited to, NSWALC’s Funeral Fund grant community benefits scheme;
  • Individuals or organisations seeking political donations; and
  • Activities that do not meet the purposes of the Small Community Grants.
  • The applicant must be a community member or community organisation;
  • If a community member, that member must be Aboriginal;
  • The applicant must not be an immediate relative (i.e., spouse, de facto, partner, child, sibling, parent) of a Councillor;

NSWALC Small Community Grants Policy & Procedures

How to apply

Complete the online NSWALC Small Community Grants Application Form here, or download the NSWALC Small Community Grants form here.

  • Online applications must include supporting documents/attachments.
  • Downloaded Application Forms and supporting documents must be returned either to:
    • The relevant NSWALC Councillor’s office, or
    • The NSW Aboriginal Land Council grants email account: grants@alc.org.au
Further information

Please contact your NSWALC Councillor’s office.

Click here to find out who your local NSWALC Councillor is.

Or alternatively contact:

NSWALC – Program Implementation Unit
PO Box 1125

Phone: 02 9689 4444

Email: grants@alc.org.au