2024 NSWALC Elections

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) elections were held on 24 February 2024. Elections are held every four years to elect nine Regional Councillors to the NSWALC governing Council.


Uncontested region 

The Central Region election is uncontested as there was only one candidate. Grace Toomey was taken to be elected at the close of nominations.

Contested regions 

Following the close of poll at 6pm Saturday 24 February 2024 and the counting of votes, the following candidates were declared elected in accordance with clause 96 of the Aboriginal Land Rights Regulation 2020.

Region Elected candidate
Mid North Coast Region Peter Smith
North Coast Region Diane Randall
North Western Region Anne Dennis
Northern Region Charles Lynch
South Coast Region Danny Chapman
Sydney and Newcastle Region Raymond Kelly
Western Region Ross Hampton
Wiradjuri Region Leeanne Hampton

What are NSWALC Elections For?

Nine Councillors are elected to the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council for a four-year term, one for each of the Aboriginal Land Council Regions across the state, as specified in Part 7 Division 3, Section 121 of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (ALRA).

NSWALC Councillors are elected to represent the political, cultural, social and economic interests of Aboriginal communities in New South Wales and set the strategic direction of NSWALC.

A 2024 NSWALC Elections Fact Sheet is available here.

More information on current and past Councillors and the Regions they represent is available here.

Who was Eligible to Vote?

Aboriginal people over 18 who are voting Members of a LALC and who were enrolled by the close of rolls on 6 December 2023, were eligible to vote in the 2024 NSWALC Elections.

However, Members’ contact details must be up-to-date. Members were urged to contact their LALC to confirm their details before the rolls closed in December 2023.

You may be a Member of more than one LALC but you can only be a voting Member at one LALC.

Any potential new Members must contact their LALC directly regarding the timeframe for their application to be considered. More information on memberships is available here.


Nominations closed at 12 noon Tuesday, 30 January 2024. No late nominations were accepted.

Polling Places & Candidates

The NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) set up 136 voting locations across NSW for the elections.

27 candidates nominated to contest the NSWALC elections on Saturday, 24 February. Polling booths were open from 8am to 6pm.

Please see below for candidate names and polling locations in the nine NSWALC Regions.