LALC members urged to rally for Water Rights

LALC members across NSW are urged to attend a Day of Action on Sunday 3rd March calling for urgent action to address the Murray Darling Basin water crisis.

Our communities in the far west are close to running out of water and the water they do have access to is putrid and unhealthy.

Recently, hundreds of thousands of fish have died at Menindee Lakes including iconic Murray Cod and Golden Perch.

The devastation of the Murray Darling is not the result of drought, but long term water mismanagement and theft.

"We have listened to our networks and it is time to stand together to tell the government enough is enough. Clean water is a basic human right. Our people are being deprived of that and their health is in jeopardy. Enough is enough. It is time to fix this problem once and for all," said NSWALC Chair Roy Ah-See.

We are urging all LALC members to support our calls for:

  • The establishment of a Commonwealth Royal Commission into the management of the Murray Darling Basin. Only a Commonwealth Royal Commission will have the powers to investigate how this situation could have been allowed to deteriorate so badly and recommend long term action to restore the health of our rivers and the communities who depend on them.
  • A State level special inquiry to address the mismanagement of water and our river systems in NSW.
  • Suspension of water trading in the Barwon Darling River system.
  • Involvement, through our Land Councils, in all decisions about water management and planning.

You can show your support by attending one of the public events being held on Sunday March 3 at Bourke, Menindee, Walgett, Dareton, Dubbo and Wilcannia.









Murry & Darling Rivers (Cadell Street Wentworth)

A rally will be held at the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers (Cadell Street Wentworth).

CEO - Pam Hardy

03 5027 4721

11am - 2pm


Burke & Wills Park Menindee

A rally, in collaboration with the Community Water Action Group, will be held at the Burke and Wills Park, Menindee.

Chair - Cindy Bates

0427 736 653

11am - 1pm


The Old Bridge

A rally will commence at the Old Bridge. A tent city will be set up on the sand bank in the middle of the river.

CEO - Jenny Thwaites 08 80915 5828

11:30am -1:30pm


Central Park, Oxley Street Burke

A rally will be held in Central Park, Oxley Street Bourke.

CEO - George Orcher  6872 1281/

0475 438 514

4pm - 6pm



87 Fox Street Walgett

The rally will commence at 11am at the LALC offices.  A march (imitating a funeral procession) will then proceed to the Marjorie Phyllis Walford Bridge across the dry Namoi River.  A ceremony will occur at the boat ramp on the northern side of the bridge where a cardboard coffin and headstone will be placed in the dry river bed.  Speeches will then occur.  The march from town to the bridge will take about 1 hour.

CEO - Kellie Randell  6282 2426

11am - 1pm



Victoria Park at 167 Talbragar Street Dubbo

The event will commence at 9am and will be held at Victoria Park at 167 Talbragar Street Dubbo

Grace 0408 970630 or Veneta on 6832 2639


What to bring

  • Banners and signs supporting Aboriginal Water rights and Commonwealth Royal Commission - No offensive language. 
  • Aboriginal Flags
  • Hat, sunscreen, water, umbrellas etc
  • Camera - share photos on social media