NSWALC to Distribute Hand Sanitiser to Assist LALCs

22 February 2021

NSWALC will distribute a hand sanitiser dispensing station and three months’ worth of sanitiser refills to LALCs to assist them to operate safely in the current COVID-19 environment.

NSWALC Chairperson Anne Dennis thanked the NSW State Government for their assistance in resourcing the supply of sanitiser and dispensers.  She said, “This support will help to ensure Aboriginal peoples can feel confident and protected as we continue to negotiate the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19”.

A dispensing station and 15 litres of hand sanitiser will be delivered to each Local Aboriginal Land Council office starting from 18 February 2021.

Coupled with adequate measures enforcing social distancing and mask wearing this will help LALCs to function in a more ‘COVID normal’ environment.

If you have any questions around the distribution of the hand sanitiser, please contact Casey Armstrong on 02 9689 4444 or at media@alc.org.au.