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Background for Closing the Gap

In 2018, 14 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations wrote a letter to the Prime Minister calling for a new strategy for Closing the Gap in full partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This new approach, formalised in the 2020 National Agreement on Closing the Gap, is a commitment to a new way of working, where governments work in partnership with Aboriginal community controlled organisations to achieve meaningful change.

This Agreement is based around four Priority Reforms that fundamentally change how governments work with Aboriginal Communities and commits to achieve 17 Socio-Economic Outcomes that cover areas including health, education, justice, families, housing, land and water, languages and culture, and digital inclusion. In NSW, we have an additional Priority Reform about Economic Prosperity.

Recent News

Release of the NSW Implementation Plan, 2022-24

The NSW Implementation Plan for 2022-24 was announced in August at the Wagga Wagga Aboriginal Legal Service. This plan outlines the policies, programs, and reforms that we will be implementing over the next two years to advance Closing the Gap in NSW.

The commitments in this NSW Implementation Plan were designed in partnership between NSW CAPO and the NSW Government and this plan builds on the first, baseline Implementation Plan that was released in 2021. The plan addresses our commitments under each of the 5 Priority Reforms and the 17 Socio-Economic Outcomes, totalling 144 initiatives that we will be implementing over the next two years. We have also produced a summary Implementation Plan that provides an overview of the commitments in the Implementation Plan. These are available at the top of the website.

Focus Areas - Socio-Economic Outcomes

The 17 socio-economic outcomes have been identified in focus areas that include education, employment, health and wellbeing, justice, safety, housing, land and waters, and languages.

The Engagement Sessions group these reforms and outcomes into 13 focus areas that you can attend.

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NSW CAPO and NSW Government are the New South Wales signatories to the Closing the Gap National Partnership Agreement and work in partnership with other organisations and agencies on Closing the Gap across the state.