The Protected Disclosures Act 1994 renamed the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 (the PID Act) sets out the system under which people working within the NSW public sector including individuals who are engaged as contractors, can make complaints about the functioning of the public sector in a way that minimises the risk of reprisal.

This policy provides detailed information about how you can make complaints regarding “corrupt conduct”, “maladministration” and “serious and substantial waste” which you honestly believe occurs or occurred at New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) under the PID Act. The NSW Ombudsman has oversight of the PID Act and section 248 of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 makes the NSWALC a public authority that is reviewable by the NSW Ombudsman.

This policy addresses the relevant provisions of the PID Act that NSWALC must comply with and the policy has been approved by the NSWALC Chief Executive Officer. NSWALC staff who come forward and report wrongdoing will help to promote integrity, accountability and good management within NSWALC.

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