Community Land and Business Plans

Under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (see Part 5, Division 6 of the Act), LALCs are required to prepare and implement Community Land and Business Plans in consultation with: LALC members, persons who have a cultural association with land in the land council’s area and other stakeholders

The purpose of the Community, Land and Business Plan (CLBPs) is to describe the aims of the Local Aboriginal Land Council and to develop strategies by which these can be achieved. It is an essential planning tool as it identifies key strategies and the reasons behind them.

The plan gives Land Council boards and staff a clear understanding of members’ expectations and set clear benchmarks to be met over the period of the plan. It is essential the plan is realistic and reflects the wishes of the community.

The plan is also a key document that can support the Land Council’s applications for funding from Government agencies or through commercial arrangements.

NSWALC has devleoped a Manual to assist and give guidance to LALCs on developing a CLBP. This Manual provides a format to assist the Land Council prepare a plan. This document should assist the Land Council understand its obligations and responsibilities in relation to the legislative requirements under the 2006 amendments to the ALRA.

The Plan, listed below, can be downloaded here as an Adobe PDF file.

Community Land and Business Plan Manual