NSWALC Policy on the Assessment and Approval of Local Aboriginal Land Council Land Dealings (Land Dealings Policy) was developed in 2010 (and amended in 2016) to provide guidance to LALC's and persons dealing with LALC's about NSWALC’s assessment and approval of land dealings under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (ALRA) and the Aboriginal Land Rights Regulation 2014 (ALRR).

The current Land Dealings Policy came into effect on 20 May 2016 following approval from the Council of the NSWALC and the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and notification in the NSW Government Gazette, as required by section 114 of the ALRA.

Application Forms

If your Land Council wishes to seek approval for a land dealing, your Land Council must complete and submit an Application for Approval of a Dealing with Land to the NSWALC Land and Property Unit.  The Application must be made using the below Application Form, and an application fee of $250 applies (unless the land dealing consists of only a development application): Application for Approval of a Dealing with Land.

An application for a Registration Approval Certificate should be made to the NSWALC Land and Property Unit using the form:  Application for a Registration Approval Certificate.

NSWALC Register of Members for Expert Advisory Panels

In accordance with Clause 106 of the ALRR, NSWALC has established a register of members for expert advisory panels (Register).

The purpose of the Register is to source suitably qualified organisations across a broad range of disciplines and regional areas to assist both LALCs and NSWALC with the preparation and assessment of land dealings.

The current edition of the Register is listed below.
NSWALC Register of Members for Expert Advisory Panels

Other Information

Quick Reference Guide and Contacts

Fact Sheets

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Land Dealing meeting notices.
Resolutions approving Land Dealings.
 Applying to NSWALC for approval of a Land Dealing.
Determination and Dealing Approval Certificates.
Registration Approval Certificates and the Community Development Levy.
Head Lease/Funding Agreement with the Aboriginal Housing Office.
Certificates of Title.
 Execution of documents.
Sale of properties and GST - use of the margin scheme