NSWALC Sponsorship

Under section 106(7) of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW) (ALRA) NSWALC has established a Sponsorship program to support an organisation’s individual program/event or of an ongoing activity.

The NSWALC Sponsorship program

NSWALC’s sponsorship of your event, program or activity is a commercial agreement and may provide financial or ‘in kind’ support. In kind support involves NSWALC providing non-financial support such as staff time, resources, facilities or equipment.

General Guidelines for Eligibility

Invited applications for sponsorship will be assessed under the following guidelines:

  • The sponsorship must reflect the NSWALC’s objectives, strategic plan and values.
  • The NSWALC will only recommend and implement activities that can be shown to fulfil three or more of the following objectives:
    • The sponsorship will enhance the reputation of the NSWALC state-wide, and /or nation wide;
    • The sponsorship will build, maintain or enhance brand awareness in the NSWALC’s key target markets e.g., Aboriginal communities, and amongst key stakeholders;
    • The sponsorship will reinforce NSWALC’s position as a peak Aboriginal organisation in New South Wales; and
    • The sponsorship will facilitate and further develop relations with the Aboriginal community and/or Aboriginal community organisations.
  • The immediate and/or future benefits and an estimated return to the NSWALC, whether financial and/or otherwise, will be determined in each sponsorship agreement.

The NSWALC will not approve sponsorships which are considered to fall under the following categories:

  • Political or religious bodies
  • Gambling, gaming, or betting events or venues
  • Organisations linked with the tobacco, drugs or alcohol industry
  • Sexual services or sex industry venues
  • Products or services that denigrate, exclude, or offend the Aboriginal community
  • Products or services not consistent with the NSWALC’s image, standing and presentation
  • Sponsorship of individuals
  • Any sponsorship which may be a conflict of interest for the NSWALC.
Enquiries and Applications

NSWALC welcomes sponsorship enquiries all year round. We’re happy to discuss your event, program or activity. After consideration, NSWALC may invite you to apply. Final decisions on sponsorship applications rest with the Council of the NSWALC.

The NSWALC Sponsorship Policy & Procedures outlines how applications will be assessed.

NSWALC Sponsorship Policy & Procedures

Who to contact

Contact the NSWALC Program Implementation Unit to discuss your Sponsorship proposal.

NSWALC – Program Implementation Unit
PO Box 1125

Phone: 02 9689 4444

Email: grants@alc.org.au