Marcia Ella-Duncan takes her place in Australian Netball Hall of Fame

10 December, 2015

Marcia Ella-Duncan takes her place in Australian Netball Hall of Fame

La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council Chair Marcia Ella-Duncan added another accolade to her long list of achievements with her induction into the Australian Netball Hall of Fame.

The Yuin woman has been involved in the sport since she was nine years’ old and has represented her country at the highest levels.

While she is proud of her achievements at the elite level, Marcia values the recognition of her contributions at the community level.

“Being inducted into the Hall of Fame was unexpected because it’s usually people that have coached the Diamonds or are selected for Australia, so to be recognised for my contribution to both my community and to the grassroots sport is very special to me.”

Marcia credits sport for steering her away from self-destructive behaviours.

“My involvement in sport was one that saved me in a lot of ways and I feel very strongly that sport can provide those opportunities to more Aboriginal kids.

“My primary aim is to get kids involved with sport for life because it can be a life-changer for them.”

Marcia’s leadership skills on the netball court have been transferred to the Land Rights network as Chair of La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council.

Marica Ella_Duncan3

“I became a member when I was about 19. My father always felt it was really important we were involved in our local community and I felt very strongly that Land Councils were an important part of our community structure and that we should be involved to support its direction.

“One of the challenges for the Land Council network is we tend to be very retrospective. We tend to be very focused on the one mistake we’ve made in the past and sometimes that renders us fearful of making mistakes in the future.

“I have the opposite mindset – yes we’re not perfect and we make mistakes but that should not inhibit us or limit us in what we think we’re capable of.”


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