Quest for Bowraville Justice Grows

13 February, 2014

Quest for Bowraville Justice Grows

Thursday, 13th February 

The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council has expanded its call on all concerned Aboriginal people to support the quest for justice which is being pursued by the families of three Aboriginal children murdered in the 1990's in Bowraville.

The Council Chairperson Craig Cromelin issued a media statement earlier this week which noted the NSW Legislative Council's Standing Committee on Law and Justice is currently seeking submissions as part of its inquiry into the triple murders.

Chairperson Cromelin said all concerned Aboriginal people, particularly in NSW, could show their support to the Bowraville families and the community by lodging written submissions with the Committee of Inquiry in support of the families quest for justice.

Mid North Coast Region Councillor Peter Smith today publicly joined the call.

Councillor Smith says the lack of justice has had a profound effect on the families and the community.

"There would not be an Aboriginal person in this region without a passing knowledge of the injustice of these cases and has not be touched by the plight of the families," he added.

"Written submissions can be as brief or as long as people want to make them.

"They can be simple short letters of support for a just end to this case.

" I'm sure they would mean a lot all of those in my region who have been moved by the tragedy and trauma suffered by the families in seeking justice for their children and their constant battle for justice and closure" he added.

"They would have particular significance if as many as possible came from this region."

The Legislative Council Committee of Inquiry was established in November to provide an opportunity for family members of the child victims, Colleen Walker-Craig, Evelyn Greenup and Clinton Speedy-Duroux  to appear before the Committee and speak about the impact their murders have had on them and their community.

The deadline for written submissions is February 28.

Further information on the Committee's Inquiry and guidelines for making submissions are available on the Committee's website at


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Artwork Credit: Craig Cromelin, from a painting he did titled, "4 favourite fishing holes". It is a snippet of his growing years on the Lachlan River, featuring yabby, turtle, fish and family.