Record Applications for Scholarships


Record Applications for Scholarships

15 March, 2010

A record number of Aboriginal people have responded to calls to apply for the major education scholarships sponsored by the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council, the State's peak Aboriginal representative body.

A total of 424 students had lodged applications for NSWALC's Education Endowment Scholarships by the deadline of February 26.

This is a healthy increase from the 256 applications received last year.

"The increase in applications demonstrates the increased importance of the scholarships to Aboriginal people in NSW," NSWALC Chairperson Bev Manton said today.

"It also demonstrates the effective promotion of the scholarships, particularly by all members and staff of NSWALC this year," she added.

"I'd like to commend my fellow Councillors and staff for their efforts in this regard."

Ms Manton said all NSWALC Councillors had used their promotion of the scholarships to highlight a recent United Nations Report which emphasised the crucial importance of education and the need for scholarship opportunities such as those extended to Aboriginal people by NSWALC.

The Report noted that the need to close the education attainment gap between Aboriginal people and their fellow Australians remained critical.

Ms Manton said the NSWALC Education Endowment Scholarship Scheme was clearly helping to make a difference.

Launched in 2007 the scheme saw financial assistance provided to 119 scholarship recipients in its inaugural year in 2008. The second round, announced in June 2009, saw 128 scholarships awarded out of the 257 applications,

A record number of scholarship recipients were expected to be announced this year following the increase in applications.

Ms Manton said there had been 85 applications this year for NSWALC's companion Freddie Fricke Scholarships.

This was ten less than last year but reflected increased interest in the main scholarship scheme.

Ms Manton said the NSWALC Scholarship Management Committee which oversees the scheme would meet soon to begin assessing this year's applications. An announcement on scholarship recipients would be made as soon as possible.


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