CBS(RA) Policy Review Consultation

15 November, 2023

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) is seeking Land Rights Network feedback on a draft revised Community Benefit Scheme (Residential Accommodation) (CBS(RA)) Policy and Procedure.

Please provide comments to NSWALC by Monday 18 December 2023. Details on how to have your say are at the end of this Network Message.

This Network Message initiates the period of consultation required by Section 114 of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW) regarding the procedure for making and reviewing policies.

How NSWALC’S CBS(RA) scheme works

The CBS(RA) scheme allows NSWALC to provide LALCs with approval to operate housing under the terms of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (1983). The scheme currently provides CBS(RA) approval to approximately 50 LALCs to operate housing across NSW.

The scheme provides LALCs with an approval from NSWALC to operate housing under one of two categories:

  • Independently operated scheme – where a LALC operates all facets of its CBS(RA), or
  • Assisted operator scheme – where a LALC uses the services of another body or agency under a management agreement or another form of contract to assist in the operation of the scheme.

A review of the policy is required under the Act to make sure it remains fit for purpose which is why this process and consultation is being undertaken.

Consultation Documents

The two (2) documents to be downloaded at the links below are:

  1. (DRAFT REVISED) Community Benefit Scheme (Residential Accommodation) Policy

Changes from the current Policy include: Additional detail that NSWALC will review each LALC’s approval every three years to ensure it continues to meet the requirements of the Policy

  • Additional discussion of the relationship between CBS(RA) and the new ‘Third Pathway’ registration option introduced by the Aboriginal Housing Office.

(DRAFT) Community Benefit Scheme (Residential Accommodation) Procedure

This Procedure removes the ‘Guide for LALCs’ from the current Policy and reformats it into a separate standalone Procedure document to assist LALCs to comply with the requirements under the scheme.

Your Feedback

NSWALC looks forward to hearing your feedback. All comments are welcome. Comments should be received by Monday 18 December 2023, and can be submitted via the following:



PO Box 1125

Parramatta, NSW 2124


Email addresses have been included in the Network Message emailed to your LALC.

If you wish to talk through your feedback on the draft CBS(RA) Policy and Procedure, please contact NSWALC Business Development by ringing 02 9689 4444.


We pay our respects to the Traditional Owners of the lands where we work as well as across the lands we travel through. We also acknowledge our Elders past, present and emerging.

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