NSWALC 2021/22 FY Grants Round – Now Open!

2 July, 2021

2 July 2021

NSWALC 2021/22 FY Grants Round – Now Open!

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) is pleased to announce that the 2021/22 FY Round of the NSWALC Community Fund (NCF) is now open.

Eligible LALCs are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to seek a grant from the NCF.

The NSWALC Community Fund (NCF)

The NCF is financed by the Community Development Levy mechanism which was introduced in the 2009 amendments to the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (ALRA), as a way to “evenly spread the wealth from LALCs with more valuable land holdings to those LALCs with less valuable land and development opportunities”.

In 2019 NSWALC undertook an in-depth review of the Policy and consulted with the Land Rights Network on how to make the Program work better to achieve the Policy’s intent. LALCs wanted the scope of eligible activities broadened, funding available for projects increased and the Program administration tailored to meet the needs of a LALC’s project.

Following advice provided by LALCs, the NSWALC Council determined a set of Policy amendments which have now been approved by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, along with a suite of amendments to the NCF Procedures.

2021/22 NCF Grants Round

The NCF Policy (the Policy) outlines what the Fund grants can used for, how LALC eligibility is determined, and how grant applications will be assessed. Eligible LALCs can now seek a grant of up to $150,000 (excluding GST) for projects under the following categories:

  • Land Acquisition.
  • Land Management.
  • Projects which demonstrate clear community outcomes.

How to apply

Another positive change to the administration of the Program is a new way of seeking a grant.

Eligible LALCs will now complete an EOI, which is available for download from the NSWALC website here

EOIs can be submitted to grants@alc.org.au at any time during the 2021/2022 Financial Year.

Once submitted, the Program Implementation Unit will be in touch with you to support the development of a Project Proposal for review by the Assessment Panel.

More information

The NCF Expression of Interest Form, Policy and Procedures are available for download on the NSWALC Community Fund page at the NSWALC website.

If you have any queries about this Program, please contact the Program Implementation Unit on (02) 9689 4444 or via email at grants@alc.org.au