Nyngan flag win signals the start of a new era

For many communities flying the Aboriginal Flag is a symbol of cultural pride.

But for Nyngan Local Aboriginal Land Council in the Central region it’s been a hard-won struggle that’s lasted for over five generations and is paving the way for new partnerships with Bogan Shire Council.

Nyngan LALC Chief Executive Officer Veneta Dutton said the fight to fly the Aboriginal flag at council chambers was a huge achievement.

“I drive past it every day and I think: ‘Wow, we did it’. And it’s pride in ourselves and our culture reflected in the community. We were the first people to walk along the river and to walk through this area. For that to be recognised is a huge achievement for us.”

Now Nyngan LALC has acquired land for an Elders garden and plans to rent out offices to generate further income.

In the longer term, Nyngan LALC is committed to engaging young people in the Land Rights network and deepening its engagement with the wider community.

Veneta Dutton says her passion is for Nyngan LALC’s doors to be open every day and for people to feel welcome.

“Not just the Aboriginal community but the wider community. We love the land and want to protect it.”

“My message would be to trust us. If you can help me, I can help you and if we all grow we become stronger and help each other.”