The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council Logo

OurMob Yarns Up with Diyan Coe, NSWALC Logo Artist

“The roots of the tree are the NSW Aboriginal Land Council. The branches represent the original 13 regions covering the state. And the yellow signifies light shining on Aboriginal people as a whole” – Wiradjuri woman Diyan Coe.

OurMob travelled to Cowra to chat with Diyan about the significance of NSWALC’s logo, 32 years after she first drew it.

On the banks of the Lachlan River. Image: OurMob
Yalbillinga, Cowra. Image: OurMob
Murray Coe as a small boy. Image: OurMob
Yalbillinga Board members. Image: OurMob
Diyan and childhood friend Harry Williams. Image: OurMob