Central Region to get Elders and Youth Councils

2 June, 2009


Central Region to get Elders and Youth Councils

2 June 2009

The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council has taken the first steps to establish its own Elders and Youth Advisory Councils.

NSWALC's Central Region Councillor, Stephen Ryan, announced the move today following a meeting of the Council in Sydney last week.

Councillor Ryan said that NSWALC's Governing Council, agreed to pursue the establishment of the Elders and Youth Advisory committees, which had been recommended at a recent State Conference of all Land Councils.

"These issues were further discussed at the Council meeting in Sydney and all Councillors agreed there was a need for the establishment of the Advisory Councils."

"It was agreed further discussions should be held at the local & regional levels, on the shape and structure of these Advisory Committees, with a report back to Governing Council from each region, ahead of a formal decision to establish both Advisory Committees."

"I will be seeking input from all LALCs in my region in coming weeks on these important initiatives. I have also commenced discussions with DAA & the Department of Community Services Community Division about facilitation of a Youth Forum in my areas."

"I would welcome input from any other agencies responsible for Youth or Elders.", Councillor Ryan said.

"The fact that Council has also recently approved Educational Scholarships as well as directing some resources to youth leadership, should encourage Aboriginal youth to become involved in their areas."

Councillor Ryan said he was pleased that 26 of NSWALC's Educational Scholarships would be going to Aboriginal people in his Region.


Further Information: Councillor Stephen Ryan - 0409-779-373


We pay our respects to the Traditional Owners of the lands where we work as well as across the lands we travel through. We also acknowledge our Elders past, present and emerging.

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