Councillor welcomes high number of scholarship winners.


Councillor welcomes high number of scholarship winners

16 June 2009

Forty of the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council's 2009 educational scholarships had been won by Aboriginal people living in his region, NSWALC's Sydney/Newcastle Regional Councillor, Roy Ah See announced today.

"This is a remarkable figure out of a total of 128 scholarships," Councillor Ah See added.

"NSWALC's scholarships are awarded in two distinct categories, under the NSWALC funded, $30 million dollar Educational Endowment Fund for students ranging from primary school to mature aged students.

The second category relates to the Freddie Fricke Scholarships which seek to address the lack of Aboriginal people working in the professions, including medicine, finance and commerce".

Councillor Ah See added that the scholarships would help:

  • A young Aboriginal man living in the Newcastle suburb of Lambton complete his medical degree at Newcastle University
  • A number of Aboriginal people complete community service degrees and trader courses
  • Teachers, scientists and nurses

"One of NSWALC's key goals was to help Aboriginal people to advance their educational outcomes," Councillor Ah See said.

"Both scholarship streams demonstrate to Aboriginal people the benefits of committing to school and going on to tertiary education.

"It also lets them know that with effort and persistence it is possible to achieve regardless of any disadvantage.  By encouraging more Aboriginal people to stay at school and achieve academically we know we are making a solid contribution to the number who may well become the leaders of the next generation," Councillor Ah See.

"The availability of both scholarship streams is a great decision, one that invested in the future of Aboriginal Australians in New South Wales."