LALC IT Infrastructure Upgrade Project

8 June, 2023

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) is launching an IT Infrastructure grant project for Local Aboriginal Land Councils (LALCs) with support from the NSW Government.

Recognising the importance of reliable IT Infrastructure, NSWALC has brokered approximately $2 million to be channelled towards IT upgrades. The Department of Planning & Environment (DPE) is providing $1.5 million towards the LALC IT Infrastructure Upgrade Project with Aboriginal Affairs NSW also providing $250,000 together with further contributions from NSWALC.

NSWALC Chairperson, Councillor Danny Chapman says the COVID pandemic highlighted the need for the Aboriginal Land Rights network to have quality infrastructure to ensure business can continue in communities.

NSWALC has recognised the importance of being able to `go mobile’ to appropriately support LALC businesses operating online.

“This is a great opportunity for LALCs to improve their IT infrastructure and telecommunications connectivity,” Cr Chapman said.  “The upgrade project also has the potential for LALCs to get the full use and benefits of Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping tools, which makes land management more interactive.

“Reducing the digital divide will also enable Local Aboriginal Land Councils to meet virtually and improve their engagement with members, board members and with other important stakeholders such as NSWALC and DPE Crown Lands.”

Minister for Lands and Property Steve Kamper said the IT upgrade project will support participating LALCs with hardware and software upgrades and user skills training.

“Better technology will help LALCs operate efficiently and effectively to improve operations, services and engagement with Aboriginal communities so they can unlock economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits from their land assets,” Mr Kamper said.

The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Treaty, David Harris said the project will help LALCs more effectively meet their obligations under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983.

“This initiative has potential to increase organisational capacity, skills, governance, data management and performance for LALCs as well as information accessibility for Aboriginal communities,” Mr Harris said.

Eligible LALCs have been invited to express interest in participating in the project. Infoxchange, a specialist IT firm for not-for-profits, has been engaged by NSWALC to help deliver the project and provide training for participating LALCs.


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